"Our Story" Title
"Our Story" Title
pfct. co founders sitting in the snow at Sunshine, Banff.

Once upon a time there was a moustache and blonde

They love to travel, explore, skateboard and have fun! One day moustache said to blonde, I've got no clothes to wear, skateboarding has destroyed them. Blonde said to moustache you should get good son 🔥🪦
The end. Truth be told, that sparked an idea to design our own brand and clothing so we can wear what we ❤️
Chad and molly jumping at the beach. pfct. founders
Half a coconut shell
All originally from Australia. We both love to travel, and explore our country and historic places overseas. We believe the experiences you come across, the different cultures, opens your eye to the world and people who inhabit it.

For our love of design, and carving an opportunity out to give back to our communities, we started pfct. Short for perfect, the brand stands for all those moments when shit goes bad. We want to support mental health, our friends and people all over the world through being a sustainable business, providing helpful articles and rad clothing.