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Hi! 👋


My name is Chad, I'm an Aussie who loves skateboarding, snowboarding  and adventure. I started drawing my own designs and printing them on high quality AS Colour clothing.

Let's be honest, these days clothing is normally mass produced, costs an arm and leg, does not last and feels like sh#t. 

I use AS Colour because I know it lasts, feels good bro and does not ride up while you're doing the things you love. I've teamed up with a decorator in Melbourne, Australia, someone I've tested and trust they'll produce solid prints everytime.

Lastly, we ship almost anywhere! I love to travel, so when a new design drops that I must have, I know I can get it. Currently I am in Canmore, AB Canada.

Thank you for business, it'll go towards reducing my 9-5 grind and give you an amazing piece of clothing! Win-Win.


Anyways, keep shreddin' legends!

❤️ Chad



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