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Clothing store that sells surf / beach / street wear. Our handmade 100% cotton jumpsuits are #radMade with ❤️ in Indo. Perfect for #summer #beach

We are a Sustainable Australian Clothing Brand that only sells the best. I mean, this all started because we were jacked of wearing stuff that ripped, split, teared and shredded while skateboarding... I was talking about me not the clothing by the way.

So we've teamed up with a #sweet decorator up in Brisbane that screen print like champions and stock AS Colour for our day-to-day wear. If you're feeling extra adventurous, we HIGHLY recommend our bespoke line which is handmade, 100% Cotton-goodness made from our friends in Indonesia - Bali.

Lastly, your contribution does a couple good deeds 'round the place. Firstly, we use HEAPSGOOD mailers because they replenish the earth by planting trees and are biodegradable packaging... Ok ok, they also look pretty good. Secondly, you are supporting our Indo neighbours as Covid kind of destroyed Tourism (Which was their Economy). We've always enjoyed ourselves holidaying in #Bali, so we wanted to help where we can.


Keep shreddin'

- Chad


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